10 Best Stock Photography Websites

The 10 best stock photography websites (mostly free) for use in your next social media post, presentation, or creative masterpiece.

Branding A to Z: Tips to standout

So you've got a great business idea and are ready to hit "GO," but not sure where to start with branding. Here's a breakdown of things to consider when designing a memorable brand.

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How World Events Affect Design

At DoubleShot Creative we like to keep an eye on emerging design trends. Over the last year, we have seen many significant events that have not only impacted the world, but design as well.

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Ten eye-catching presentation design tips that will help you standout.


10 Best Free Stock Photography, Music, and Video Websites

The 10 best websites for for free stock photography, video footage, music, and special effects soundtracks for your next creative project.

DSC 2020 Marketing Trends

2020 Marketing Trends

Taking a look at the trends that will make an impact in 2020