31 Oct 2023

2024 design & marketing trends

See what brand, design, and digital marketing trends will be on the rise in 2024 and how best to capitalize on them.


The new year is just around the corner so it’s a perfect time to look at what brand, design, and digital marketing trends we expect to be on the rise and how to capitalize on them.

1. Risograph design

Risograph is a printing technique that originated in Japan. Using a digital duplicator copier, think modern-day mimeograph; the ink and stencil process the machine uses creates a unique textured print. It’s a great technique to use for a new packaging concept, event posters, or to bring visual interest to a digital marketing campaign.

risograph print

2. Logo text from abstract shapes

Using abstract logo typefaces can help cut through the visual noise and create a memorable impression and feeling. Nokia’s rebrand is a great example of this. Reflecting the company’s purpose “At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together,” the abstract shapes come together to spell the name in a new, yet recognizable way. The letter elements can then be taken individually to create other graphic interest in various use cases. This approach allows brands to put a new spin on a traditional brand and while providing lots of extension for both digital and real-world uses.


3. Authentic marketing content

While there is lots of buzz around using AI for content generation, there is a real risk of everything starting to feel and read a little Stepford Wives (retro reference for “all the same,” a.k.a. boring). Social media content that is truly authentic will be what rises to the top. Think storytelling, relatable voice, and tone, etc. No one wants to read social media posts or watch videos that feel formulaic or too business-like. They want to connect with brands and feel engaged by them.

4. Social SEO

Creating great social content is half the battle, getting social media platforms to serve up that content to the broadest audience is the other half. While hashtags used to be all the rage on social channels studies have found keywords to drive far greater reach and engagement. Crafting good social-SEO captions will be a must do in 2024. Think of how your SEO web keyword list can be extended to your social media posts in the new year.

5. Minimal maximalism design

From graphic design to web UX, fashion, food, and interior decorating, there is a continual debate between the concept of minimalism and maximalism design style. Minimalism is the art of restraining, stripping away the superfluous, and bringing focus to only what’s necessary. Maximalism is its sibling of grandeur, embracing an abundance of color, pattern, layers, and objects to create work that is almost impossible to miss.

RxBar minimalistic design
Minimalism: RxBar
Spotify maximalism design
Maximalism: Spotify

Next year, we anticipate a more balanced approach by some brands using flashes of maximalism when needed to stand out or bring extra attention to a new product or event, while sticking to their minimalist values in their day-to-day marketing.

As you ramp up your brand and marketing planning for the new year get ready to push your design boundaries, while reinforcing your brand through authentic and relatable engaging experiences.

What design and digital marketing trends are you most looking forward to in 2024?

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