7 May 2024

April Creative Crushes

From the rooftops of Punjab, to the whimsical world of an Instagram knitted frog, our team finds design and marketing inspiration this month.


At DoubleShot Creative, we share our favorite marketing campaigns, social media posts, design trends, and more with each other to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity. Witnessing someone else’s creative genius can often inspire you to tap into your own. From the rooftops of Punjab, to the whimsical world of an Instagram knitted frog, our team finds design and marketing inspiration in the unexpected this month.

Flying high

We love how Rajesh Vora finds magic in the mundane amidst the rooftops of Punjab’s Doaba region. He is capturing the spark of creativity used to transform everyday water tanks into whimsical art, from boxing kangaroos to levitating soccer balls! 

These are not just tanks. They are tales of heritage, status, and spiritual beliefs sculpted into the skyline. We really enjoyed this fun reminder that magic can be found where you least expect it, even in everyday objects!

Tea for two

It’s easy to be whisked away into another world when you step into the charming universe of @indiarosecrawford! Every post is a masterpiece of detail, featuring little knitted frogs that lead you through whimsical adventures, from breakfast in bed to cozy campfire chats. The scenes are so meticulously crafted that they spark the imagination and invite you to pause and enjoy the magic. India’s creative vision captures the essence of storytelling through the simple joys of life, all knitted together with care.

Which of her posts is your favorite?

Putting the “i” in innovation

Abstract modern collage. The man with the plaster head of David writer, typing on typewriter, thumb up

What stands out most to you? Is it the clever light bulb cutout cradled in hand or the strikingly bright yellow poodle? This creative use of cutouts and vibrant colors draws you in, showcasing how impactful simplicity can be. It’s a perfect reminder that your marketing can be straightforward yet striking, leaving a lasting impression with just a few bold elements. It’s true that sometimes less is more.


This a visual lesson in marketing – a mesmerizing dance of water droplets across these simple sculptures, where art and fluid dynamics come together. We can’t seem to escape the awe as the water droplets gracefully dance across the surface, disappearing into the sculpture’s heart only to reappear on the edges, as if by magic. This combination of visual artistry and dynamic movement shows the power of creativity as it serves as both a tranquil escape and an opportunity for fascinating focus. 

Brands & the solar eclipse

As the solar eclipse swept over, brands like Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s, and MoonPie launched stellar promotions. Krispy Kreme dazzled with its eclipse-themed doughnut, while McDonald’s introduced its space-themed CosMc’s. MoonPie entertained with a cosmic battle between the sun and moon. These campaigns showcased clever ways to tap into significant events, sparking excitement and drawing communities together.

More solar love

While filters may be all the craze, “Solar Visions I” invites us to see beyond the superficial, providing an innovative look into the unfiltered images of our skin.  Ultraviolet portraits unveil the hidden marks of our experiences—wrinkles, spots, and scars that tell our unseen stories.

Launched at the “Seizing the Sun” exhibition in Paris, it also promotes skin health awareness, making each unfiltered image beautiful and a powerful tool for education and insight.

Now we want to hear from you. What creative marketing examples have you been crushing on lately? Drop your favorites in the comments below.

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