5 Dec 2023

November creative crushes

When you witness someone else’s creative genius, it can often inspire you to tap into yours.


At DoubleShot Creative, we share our favorite creative marketing campaigns, social media posts, design trends, and more with each other to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity. When you witness someone else’s creative genius, it can often inspire you to tap into yours.

So, let’s lose ourselves in these creative marketing examples for a few minutes and look at some of our most recent creative crushes this month.

Coca-Cola, the iconic beverage giant, is making waves in the industry with the launch of a new flavor, Y3000, co-created with the power of AI. Embracing technology to stay relevant, Coca-Cola is using futuristic design and vibrant colors that we can’t get enough of. Check out the AI-augmented QR code that takes users to the “Coca-Cola Creations Hub, where they can take photos with their device and filter them to have a vaporware-style futuristic look.” What a fun approach to marketing!

Lego is revolutionizing its marketing and shopping experience by combining the latest technology of Augmented Reality and the thrill of friendly competition. Creating an interactive and immersive environment where shoppers compete in a digital snowball-throwing contest encourages families to prioritize play. We are crushing on their “Play is Your Superpower campaign,” and we know you will, too!

We love Filoli’s decoration and lights at this time of year. And surprise! It’s in DSC’s own backyards and it’s beauty, light shows, and inclusivity this time of year is something special.

Vancouver’s public parks give us an extra reason to love Fall with these stunning leaf-mounded naturescapes. This mesmerizing and gorgeous seasonal art urges and inspires people worldwide to celebrate the season with a rake in hand! 

What makes a country the happiest in the world? Expedia is breaking it down for World Mental Health Day with breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and inspiring balance. From Finland to New Zealand, we are in awe of the inspiring and special countries for travelers and residents. Can you pick a favorite?

Now we want to hear from you. What creative marketing examples have you been crushing on lately? Drop your favorites in the comments below.

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