28 Oct 2020

Writing the perfect social media caption

5 key tips for winning social media captions.


To make a splash on social media, you need to have a solid content strategy. One key aspect of that is crafting compelling social media captions. Do your captions stop scrollers in their tracks? Are they filled with valuable information? Do they inspire your followers to hit like? Social media algorithms consider engagement one of the top rating signals, so it’s crucial to give your social media captions the attention they deserve.

Let’s dive into five tips that will help you establish an engaged audience on social media:

1. Start with your intention.

When writing your caption, ask yourself: What is the intention behind your post? Are you trying to get your audience to buy a product? Click a link? Share more about your business?

Distinguishing the reason behind your social media post is an important first step in creating an engaging caption.

2. Ask a thought-provoking question.

An open-ended conversation can spark conversation online. An engaged audience is good for your business. Every time someone interacts with you on social media, your overall brand awareness increases, which leads to more followers and customers.

3. Add value.

Whether you inspire, inform, or entertain your followers, ensure your captions add value to everyone’s feed. Providing something to your audience encourages them to give a little back. They may comment, say thank you, or share your post. Like the previous point, engagement helps your social media accounts grow.

4. Include a clear call to action.

Asking your audience to take an action is a powerful part of your caption. Do you have a new blog post you want them to read? A new video to check out? Include your call to action at the end of your caption, after you provide value to your audience. Afterall, no one wants to follow an account who only asks for something without giving anything in return.


5. Be authentic.

In order to stand out on social media, you need to have a unique and authentic point of view. Captions filled with story-telling and authenticity are driving great results! Building a relationship with your audience creates a more meaningful way to connect with your audience, which can turn them into life-long customers.

Don’t let writing social media captions be stressful. When in doubt, stick to these basics.

5 Tips to Write an Engaging Social Media Caption
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