28 Aug 2023

August creative crushes

Let’s lose ourselves in these creative marketing examples.


At DoubleShot Creative, we share our favorite marketing campaigns, social media posts, design trends, and more with each other to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity. When you witness someone else’s creative genius, it can often inspire you to tap into yours. So, let’s lose ourselves in these creative marketing examples for a few minutes and look at some of our most recent creative crushes this month.

Brand marketing with animations

Brand marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Allstate uses simple animation to engage with and inform their audience. Let this example be a reminder that “simple” can effectively depict your brand while also connecting with your customers. 

Unleash your creativity with pops of color

Don’t just tell your story; show your story with bold punches of color and fun graphic overlays. The combinations are endless when you unleash the power of your creativity. Check out these inspiring images for your next artistic work of art. 

The active ingredient to effective marketing? Fun!

Ready to get the world talking about your brand? Then you won’t want to miss how Horse Kicks achieved impressive media coverage by infusing humor, creativity, and a large dose of fun into their brand! This 3-minute video gives a glimpse into the brilliant marketing strategy that VisitLex is using to grab the attention of millions. 

A creative look into branding

Branding is always better with a friend, and who doesn’t love animals? Spikes is appealing to customers through vivid colors, simple design, and our cute furry friends. Use this as inspiration when looking for creative ways to show off your brand.

Now we want to hear from you. What creative marketing examples have you been crushing on lately? Drop your favorites in the comments below.

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