19 Feb 2020

2020 marketing trends

Taking a look at the trends that will make an impact in 2020


To kick off the new year, the DoubleShot team spent some time exploring various marketing trends that have been popping up. There are no shortage of design, digital marketing, video, and experiential trends on the rise, but here are three we think will have some of the greatest impact in 2020.

#1: Video storytelling will continue grow

The trend
70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video online. Arguably more impressive? If your site includes video, it’s 50 times more likely to drive organic Google search results compared to those with only text. With stats like that, it’s crucial video is a part of your digital marketing efforts. Whether it’s an IGTV series, branded gifs, or short video clips, take advantage of connecting with your followers and building your audience with video marketing.

See it IRL
How I Built This, NPR’s hit podcast, shares engaging video content to promote their upcoming episodes and feature entrepreneurs.

The Ad Council and Alzheimer’s Association teamed up to launch the national Alzheimer’s Awareness Campaign. The outcome? A powerful video using animations to connect with their audience.


In addition to one of our favorite newsletters, the team at The Skimm produces the IGTV series, “Texting With…”. The series is a clever way to hold Q&A with celebrities and thought leaders, allowing The Skimm’s personality to shine through.

Work it
Try using platforms such as Facebook Live or Instagram Live, to grow your brand awareness and engage followers. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Q&A Sessions
  • Invite Influencers to participate in live video
  • Share Live event coverage
  • Test or review your product live
  • Broadcast launch of new product

#2: Sustainability moves front and center

The trend
Trend Watching said it best, “When sustainable alternatives are widespread, affordable and just as good or better than the legacy option, then eco-consumption becomes less about the status of opting in, and more about the shame of opting out. That’s why in 2020, millions of consumers will seek out products, services and experiences that help them alleviate rising eco-shame.”

86% of consumers expect companies to act on social and environmental issues. In 2020, expect everything from events to ad campaigns to increasingly include a “green” element.

See it IRL
ThredUP, an online consignment and thrift store, created a Fashion Footprint Calculator to help consumers determine if their closet contributes to climate change.

We know what you’re thinking … that directly correlates to their company’s goal to get us all to buy less clothes, but even companies that are typically known to create climate change issues are putting sustainability at the forefront.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines launched a campaign, Fly Responsibly, to share their commitment to be a part of aviation’s role in create a more sustainable future.

Work it
We can all make an impact when it comes to saving our planet, the marketing industry included. At DoubleShot, we’ve committed to include at least one sustainability element in every proposal that leaves our desk.

Here are a few ideas if you want to infuse sustainability into your marketing events:

  • Provide remote, virtual and hybrid attending options or use centralized locations closer to the majority of participants as a way to balance out travel
  • Use green venues and hotels who already have initiatives and programs in place
  • Eliminate in-event travel by designing walkable event neighborhoods
  • Replace plastic bottles and cutlery with biodegradable alternatives, using seasonal, local produce in catering, and donating leftover food to local charities

#3: Design will be all about the lines

The trend
Typography and illustrations will dominate design trends in the new year. Let’s break them both down.

  • Typography: Typography will be breaking boundaries this year, with designers putting type in the forefront of their designs. From making 2D and 3D shapes with typefaces, to overlapping (sometimes even illegible) type, semi-transparent use of text over design compositions, and bolder, dare we say maxi typography to make statements and grab attention.
  • Illustrations: With everything from 3D realism and mixed media collage, to isometry and fine-line graphics, illustration will continue to evolve as a design trend. These clean and elegant designs help brands tell their story online.

See it IRL

be yourself by Olga Vasik (via Dribbble)
Typography Experiments by Lucas Wakamatsu (via Behance)

Work it
Try incorporating some of these typography and illustration trends into your company’s marketing materials as a way to complement and refresh your existing brand. Social media graphics are a great place to play with the size and scale of your corporate typeface, or experiment with different illustration styles that fit your brand aesthetic.

New tools, tutorials, and a little experimentation can also help you wade into new typography and design waters. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Now it’s your turn. What trends do you see making a splash in 2020? Leave a comment with your predictions below.

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