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Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

presentations // content marketing // social media // media production


To create a campaign for a corporate trends report.  Tasked with building brand awareness for the report, engaging audiences in a discussion on the findings, and establishing a thought leadership position for our client.


A multi-faceted digital marketing campaign across social media channels that included development of a digital publication, executive thought leadership articles and presentations, and portfolio of multipurpose videos and animations.

Integrated Trend Campaign - Website, Presentation, Social Media, Publication

Presentation slides

Presentation motion graphics

We used a double exposure technique to create a series of short motion graphic pieces that visually depicted each of the trend areas. The graphics were used as divider slides within the presentation as a means of introducing each of the future trends.


We brought the global trends report to life in video format for use with events, presentations, social media, and more. Combining stunning visuals, motion graphics, music, and voiceover we were able to tell the story of how socio-economic, demographic, and technological forces are reshaping our world and future.


Trends Publication
Online Trends Publication

Social media posts

Social media video

Recent projects

Cybersecurity Communications

Cybersecurity Communications

A cohesive overarching cybersecurity story with supporting sales tools, website animation, presentations, and digital ads.

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