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Futurist Campaign

presentations // content marketing // social media // media production


Bring presentations and research reports to life in a various visual formats that makes it easy for readers to grasp the key messages and data points.


A series of eBooks, presentations, and social media outreach that were visually appealing. Incorporating imagery, concise copy, and infographics this campaign took complex ideas and made them easy to grasp and inspired action.

Futurist Social Media


eBook adaptations of executive presentations and whitepapers

Social media newsletter

A highly-engaging social media newsletter provided a look at how innovation, technology, and leadership will shape our future. We highlighted a specific topic each month, created custom graphics and gifs, and shared the issues on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social media videos & GIFs

Future Vision video

Our client wanted to paint the picture of a future where you can free your mind, bring your ideas and dreams to life, create the unimaginable, connect in meaningful ways, and spend time doing the things that matter to you most. We wanted to take the viewer on a road trip to the future, weaving future technology concepts into everyday life, as seen through the eyes of a father and daughter reliving a family trip along the infamous Route 66 before she heads off to college.

Pace of Change video

A high energy video to kickoff a shifting trends and futurecasting presentation at keynotes, conferences, and other live and virtual events.

Recent projects

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