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Event Experience

environmental design // presentation design // media production


Deliver a “wow-factor” experience at an annual customer conference to build excitement about the client’s value proposition from the opening keynote to the exhibit floor.


Created a high-energy opening keynote video, widescreen theater presentations & custom-tailored user experience center with videos and graphics to showcase client’s messaging and solutions.

Experience Center at Synergy 2018

Ultra Widescreen Keynote Video

Designed to be projected across five 18 foot tall LED walls, spanning over 225 feet across.

Environmental Graphics at Summit 2020

Experience Center at Synergy 2019

Photos courtesy of Digital Blue Events

Workspace Experience Center at Summit 2019

Photos courtesy of Digital Blue Events

Recent projects

Futurist Campaign

Futurist Campaign

A campaign composed of visually-appealing eBooks, presentations, and social media outreach designed to illustrate how to be a Futurist.

Startup Launch

Startup Launch

Bringing an early-stage startup to to life with a complete brand voice, identity and promotional tools embodying their unique value proposition in the crypto marketplace.

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