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Venture Capital Digital Marketing

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Develop a brand identity and marketing strategy for the launch and ongoing support of our client’s corporate ventures organization, targeted at building awareness and acquiring partnerships with early-stage start-ups, thought leaders, and the broader investment community.


We continue to deliver a multi-faceted marketing campaign and brand package to attract and engage with partners across the technology and insurance industries, web presence, ongoing social media campaigns, events, blogs, presentations, newsletters, digital ads, and environmental design.

Avanta Ventures

Social media videos

In order to increase engagement and drive traffic to our client’s website, we created visually stimulating videos highlighting each focus area their company invests in.
We created videos for each category: Insurtech, Mobility, and Adjacencies (including fintech, cybersecurity, IoT, and connected home).
The videos we created were shared on our clients’ social media as evergreen content that drove traffic to their website, increased engagement, and improved SEO.

Social media graphics

Recent projects

Startup Brand Refresh

Startup Brand Refresh

A sophisticated and bold brand refresh for an insurtech startup, including messaging, logo design, presentation design, and a new website.

Futurist Campaign

Futurist Campaign

A campaign composed of visually-appealing eBooks, presentations, and social media outreach designed to illustrate how to be a Futurist.

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