14 Feb 2015

Heart warming valentines day campaigns

Showing some love to the Valentines Day marketing campaigns we’ve fallen for.


Valentine’s Day is a time to focus on the one that you love, but it’s also a holiday that brands use to connect with their customers. We’re celebrating the holiday this year by showing love to the Valentines Day marketing campaigns we’ve fallen for



You may remember Uber celebrated Valentine’s Day last year with their Romance on Demand campaign. Uber enabled customers to request a rose delivery to their special someone, making it easy for forgetful boyfriends or girlfriends to deliver romance on demand.

However, this year Uber is celebrating National Salute to Veteran Patients Week instead of Valentine’s Day. They’re collecting notes of appreciation for veterans who are still healing from both visible and invisible wounds they suffered while serving our country. For every note that is submitted, Uber will donate $1 to the Bob Woodruff Foundation.

Uber, we salute you for sharing love with those who have served and are currently serving our country.

Starbucks and Match


If you’re still searching for a date for Valentine’s Day this year, Starbucks and Match want to help. Match’s mobile app now includes a section called “Meet at Starbucks” where users can email one another with a personalized invitation for a coffee date.

Taking it once step further, Starbucks is organizing the World’s Largest #StarbucksDate. Customers are invited to Starbucks on February 13 to enjoy special menus including coffee and dessert pairings.

We love this campaign because of the innovative use of mobile to reach Match and Starbucks customers. And of course, who doesn’t love a campaign that includes coffee?

Flower Council of Holland


The Flower Council of Holland is bringing love to Paris this Valentine’s Day. The Council installed 1,500 red boxes containing a single red rose around The City of Lights. As the box says, “In case of love at first sight, break glass.” So if Cupid strikes, a passerby can break the glass (actually cellophane) and take a chance on love.

Kudos to Kingsday for thinking outside (or inside) the box on this campaign.


Hallmark’s #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign will warm your heart. As part of the campaign, Hallmark created this video featuring Eugenia and Corinna, a couple dating for two years. They share their love story and are then asked to describe their feelings for each other without using the word “love”. Make sure you have a tissue nearby when listening to their responses.

While some people describe Valentine’s Day as a holiday made for the card, flower and candy industries, Hallmark’s campaign highlights authentic love to celebrate the holiday.

What Valentine’s Day campaigns caught your eye this year? Share your favorites with us in the comments section below.

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