12 Feb 2024

Our top six 2024 Super Bowl ads that scored a win

In between dips, TD dances, and halftime shows, Super Bowl Sunday always proves to be an advertising extravaganza, and this year was no exception!


In between dips, TD dances, and halftime shows, Super Bowl Sunday always proves to be an advertising extravaganza! Amidst the thrill of the game, companies unleash their most creative and often heartwarming advertisements. This year was no exception, from pickleball playing babies, to UFOs over NY, and cat influencers, Super Bowl 58 commercials didn’t disappoint. Here’s a look at some of our Pro Bowl worthy spots.

1. Popeyes: The Wait is Over

Popeyes celebrates the release of their new chicken wings with their hilarious jump in time, starring Ken Jeong. Jeong plays a man who has been frozen for 50 years and is ecstatic to find out what he’s been missing out on. From electric scooters, to massage chairs, Crocs, labradoodles, and of course chicken wings, Jeong relives those “first-time” moments. Thank you Popeyes, for the laugh and we agree “what a time to be alive” 😂🍗.

2. Booking.com: Book Whoever You Want to Be

Booking.com called in the big guns for this year’s Super Bowl ad starring Tina Fey, Glenn Close, and various former cast members from 30 Rock. Tina Fey and cast mates play different roles showing all the experiences you can have traveling the world with Booking.com. Much like last year’s ad with Melissa McCarthy they do an amazing job of using humor to give us all the “travel itch.” 🏝️

3. Dove: Hard Knocks

Dove has returned to Super Bowl advertising with a focus on helping girls overcome low body self esteem, one of the top reasons they stop playing sports. In addition to the ad Dove has also recruited help from Kylie Kelce, Chiefs Tight-end Travis Kelce’s sister in-law, and Forty-Niner Legend Steve Young for their Body Confident Campaign.

4. PlutoTV: Couch Potato Farms

PlutoTV’s new commercial might hit a little close to home for some but we couldn’t stop laughing at the over the top potato outfits. We would love to see a future collaboration between their Spud Kitty and Mayo Cat though 😹.

5. DoorDash: DoorDash All the Ads

Finally, we give big props to DoorDash for finding a way to bring together this year’s advertisers into one campaign. Flexing their delivery muscle, DoorDash is running a doordash-all-the-ads.com sweepstakes, giving away products from this year’s advertisers. Well played DoorDash! 

6. Dunkin’ Donuts: DunKings’

Dunkin’ went all in on this year’s hysterical commercial with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady. As a follow on to last year’s commercial where Lopez visits Affleck at work at a Dunkin’, this year turns the tables with Affleck showing up at a music studio to show his singing chops (or not chops). The Yankees and Red Sox banter was spot on. 🎶

And while these five might have gone the distance to the top of our list there were other ad players who scored a few touchdowns with us as well. Hats off to: KawasakiE*TradeIFUber Eats, and VW.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

These standout adverts from the 2024 Super Bowl not only entertained us but showed us that creativity knows no bounds. They made us laugh, think, and, most importantly, feel more connected in a world that’s constantly rushing forward. What were your favorite ads? Hit the comments and let’s chat about the commercials that won the evening (next to the game itself, of course)! 🏈🎉. Oh and congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on the win and San Francisco 49ers for giving it your all. It was a heck of a game.

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