19 Dec 2018

Our creative crushes of 2018

The creative campaigns and advertisements that inspired us this year.


Here at DoubleShot Creative, we have a tradition of sharing our favorite campaigns and advertisements with each other to inspire our team to get creative. As we come to the end of 2018, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year, including our top Creative Crushes.

Take a stroll through 2018 with these amazing campaigns!

Beautiful, Moving, and Powerful

Behind the Mac — Apple

This Apple campaign shows all the incredible people who sit behind the Mac, from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Paul McCartney. Made up of simple black and white photography, this short video is incredibly effective.

Powerful and Haunting, This Holiday Ad Highlights the Complex Stories in Our Own Families

This next campaign from Elkjøp, a Nordic electronics retailer, focuses in on the importance of family, and bonding and sharing stories between generations. With stunning cinematography and storytelling from DDB Nord in Stockholm and director Rune Milton, this beautiful video will have you close to tears.

Ad Council launches first ‘Love Has No Labels’ short film

The last of the tear-jerkers, this short film from the Ad Council is a part of their “Love Has No Labels” campaign. It asks the difficult question: Why does it take a disaster to bring us together? The film was written by Lena Waithe (The Chi, Master of None) and directed by David Nutter (Game of Thrones) and follows a group of people who come together despite their differences during a disaster.

Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

This Comically Savage Election PSA Will Scare Every Millennial Into Voting in the Next Election

All year, brands, celebrities, politicians, and non-profits were all banding together to encourage young people to get out and vote. These Baby Boomers, however, were prepared to do the opposite, resulting in this hilarious video series that is a perfect example of reverse psychology.

Honorable Mentions

  • This addicting game on Amazon Alexa stole the attention of Westworld fans
  • Apple got colorful with its Instagram campaign called #TheColorSeries
  • This brilliant animator tricked Instagram users into seeing in 3D
  • Rock the Vote gets creative with their graphics and GIFs for Election Day

Okay now that we’ve shared our favorite campaigns of 2018, we want to hear about yours! Drop a link in the comments below or tweet us at @DoubleShotTeam.

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