30 Jan 2024

January creative crushes

Lose yourself in these creative marketing examples


At DoubleShot Creative, we share our favorite marketing campaigns, social media posts, design trends, and more with each other to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity. When you witness someone else’s creative genius, it can often inspire you to tap into yours. So, let’s lose ourselves in these January creative crushes for a few minutes and look at some of our most recent creative crushes this month.

Patrick Hughes’ “Reverspective” is an intriguing art technique that utilizes reverse perspective to create an illusion of depth and movement. His 2006 piece “Purism,” exhibited at the Illusion Art Museum in Prague, is a prime example of this captivating style. The artwork’s unique construction, where parts of the image that seem farthest away are actually physically closer to the viewer, plays with perception in a way that’s both disorienting and fascinating. For those seeking a mental disconnect or a break from the ordinary, Hughes’ “Purism” offers a visually stimulating escape, challenging and rejuvenating the mind through its clever manipulation of visual perspective.

Anyone up for a trip to Norway? This award-winning video campaign brilliantly showcases the stunning landscapes and unique experiences that Norway offers, utilizing breathtaking imagery, a touch of humor, and the power of social proof through an impressive 13,000 comments. It effectively captures the essence of Norway’s natural beauty and cultural charm, making it an irresistible destination for travelers. Winning a Webby Award for its engaging and innovative approach, this campaign not only highlights Norway’s allure but also illustrates the art of effective tourism promotion in the digital age.

In their LinkedIn post, McKinsey & Company masterfully utilizes imagery to convey the uneven global distribution of opportunities and challenges in the energy transition. Each image is curated to individually articulate a part of the narrative, while collectively they form a cohesive visual story. This approach not only makes the complex topic more accessible but also demonstrates the power of visual storytelling in professional communication on platforms like LinkedIn. It’s a prime example of enhancing message delivery through well-integrated and meaningful visuals.

Apple masterfully uses storytelling to evoke emotion and spark curiosity about its product’s value, particularly in accessibility. The story revolves around a little girl searching for her voice, narrated by her father using the “Personal Voice” feature and it is not only inspiring but also engaging, showcasing how Apple’s technology can have a profound impact on personal lives. Through this creative storytelling, Apple effectively highlights the innovative aspects of its technology, emphasizing its capacity to empower and enable users, especially those in need of accessibility features.  We are truly crushing on this campaign as it underlines the blend of technology and human-centric design.

Now we want to hear from you. What creative marketing examples have you been crushing on lately? Drop your favorites in the comments below.

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