30 Nov 2022

Gearing up for the holidays

Our ‘Holiday Hound’, Jingles, is sharing some of her antics, holiday favorites, and go-to's this season on Instagram.


Introducing DSC’s new team member: Jingles

As things ramp up this season, our Chief Holiday Cheer Officer, Jingles, will be taking over DoubleShot Creative’s Instagram to spread some cheer.

Jingles is our resident ‘Holiday Hound’. A crazy creative pup and slightly mischievous digital marketer who loves to celebrate and have fun. You never know where you will find Jingles during the holidays, but she’s certain to be having fun. Oh, and don’t confuse her with that Elf dude. He’s the MySpace to her TikTok holiday vibe.

Jingles will share some of her antics, holiday favorites, and go-to’s this season. And because she’s a bit competitive, she’ll be watching to see which of her poses get the most likes.

To get involved, make sure you’re following us on Instagram and like your favorites to add a little “merry and bright” to your December days.

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