28 Mar 2023

Spring creative crushes

Sharing our favorite campaigns, social media posts, design trends, and more to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity.


At DoubleShot Creative, we share our favorite campaigns, social media posts, design trends, and more with each other to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity. When you witness someone else’s creative genius, it can often inspire you to tap into yours. So let’s lose ourselves in creativity for a few minutes and look at some of our Spring creative crushes:

Mixing it up

Erica Moy, our digital marketing specialist, liked how this contemporary art mixes raw materials and ceramics to look at objects in a new way.

Beauty in the AI of the beholder

Architects used AI tools to create these beautiful buildings, and our art director Noella Bible took note. Technology and creativity for the win!

Corona goes green

Kathy Hutton, DSC VP of production, loves Corona’s World Oceans Day video because of the amazing visuals and because it focuses on sustainability.

Inspiring spaces

Zen spaces, robots, and the metaverse took center stage at CES 2023, and our founder and creative director, Patty Tulloch, was inspired. Brands highlighted their technology and gave us a glimpse into the future.

Showing off in style

Meghan Cordella, our creative director, liked the out-of-the-box way this designer shared their portfolio examples. From logos to branding elements, the design and colors inspired Meghan.

A trending breakthrough

What an innovative look into the future! Our digital marketing strategist, Katie Burton, enjoyed this MIT Technology Review report with the 80s-themed colors intertwined with futuristic technology graphics.

Now we want to hear from you. Where have you been creatively crushing on lately? Drop your favorites in the comments below.

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