10 May 2022

Spring ’22 creative crushes

When you witness someone else’s creative genius, it can often inspire you to tap into yours.


At DoubleShot Creative, we share our favorite campaigns, social media posts, design trends, and more with each other so we can continue to push the boundaries of creativity. When you witness someone else’s creative genius, it can often inspire you to tap into yours.

So let’s lose ourselves in creativity for a few minutes and look at some of our most recent creative crushes:

The modular theory 

DSC founder and creative director Patty Tulloch loved (literally and figuratively) this Instagram post from Brand Strategist Dain Walker. While modular logos aren’t for everyone, it works for EXMA! The best thing about a modular logo? They provide the opportunity for a variety of themed sub-brands.

This one received bonus points in our book for sharing a case study on Instagram, too! 

The highlight of our feed

This post has it all: visually captivating, easy to read, and listen to! We’re big fans of sharing audio clips with both the text and audio – making it accessible for more people to enjoy.

Bonus tip! Check out this article on how to make your social media design accessible for everyone. 

This art is off the wall

DSC art director Noella Bible found inspiration in these works of art from Spanish contemporary conceptual artist Mateo Mate. With everything from a landscape painting with actual snow to paintings appearing to drip off the wall, Mate’s work allows you to escape to another world, drawing inspiration as you go. 

Just for fun

And finally, creativity mixed with a little fun is always hard to resist. Make sure to include your company’s personality in your content – it really helps in building a long-lasting relationship with your audience. 

Now we want to hear from you. Where have you been creatively crushing on lately? Drop your favorites in the comments below. 

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