creativity hacks

Creative burnout is real, and when we feel a little less inspired, the DSC team reaches for these creativity life hacks to get those juices flowing again. 

1. Go art hunting on Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic source of inspiration from artists to photographers, graphic designers to videographers and the list goes on. There are several people and agencies to inspire you and help you see the world in a new light. Some of our favorites are:

2. Take a walk on the wild (or not so wild) side

The outdoors is filled with creative magic. Whether you just go for a walk around the block, a hike through the forest, or venture on a trip around the world, inspiration is awaiting you. The colors of the sky, the natural movement of trees and animals, the sounds of the ocean, and busy city streets all have a way of helping to give us a new perspective and, at the same time, relax and motivate us.

3. Build a Creative Crushes List

We collectively keep our creativity flowing by sharing our favorite creative crushes each month. These can be anything from a great social media post someone came across to a funny video, a favorite new artist, or an exciting new event experience. Each team member keeps a list of fun, thought-provoking, or inspiring things they’ve come across, and we share them in a monthly meeting. You can do the same thing by bookmarking articles or posts that intrigue you, building an inspiration board on tools like Pinterest or Dropmark, or simply jotting down links in a notebook. Invite friends or colleagues to do the same for bonus points and then share them. Who knows, your creative crush can be just the inspiration your friend needs!

4. Take a family, friend, or furry companion break

Spending time with others can help you take your mind off your creative block and may even lead you to new ideas. For example, taking a break to bring your child to a local park or museum might show you to the most amazing exhibit that inspires you with new colors, textures, or movement.

public art exhibits spark creativity

A walk with your dog to a new neighborhood might bring you a public art exhibit that turns out to be the perfect backdrop for your next team photoshoot.

5. Tune in to tune out

Sometimes we just need to put the mouse down and take our mind off a project. For a bit of escapism that might just cause a creative spark, we suggest listening to music, hitting play on your favorite podcast, or unplugging with YouTube or Vimeo videos. A few favorites on our rotations are: 

These are just a few tricks we use to get unstuck creatively. What creativity hack do you use?