28 Jun 2022

Thought leadership marketing tips

Four questions to ask yourself if you want to be a thought leader online.


A thought leader is a go-to person in their field of expertise. But don’t confuse them with influencers who share their reviews and experiences with brands. Thought leaders are the trusted source of information, insights, and inspiration for their followers, offering unique guidance and strategic knowledge.

If you’re a thought leader – or want to become one – these questions are for you. The best thought leadership platforms are built on a solid foundation, and these questions will help you create a successful strategy.

1. What is your niche?

Thought leadership starts with your expertise. Where do your passions lie? What areas do you have deep expertise in? What could you talk about at a dinner party for hours? Make a list of all the possible topics and select the one you want to be known for online.

2. Who is your ideal audience?

Now that you know what you’re talking about, think about whom you’re talking to. If your topic is crafting, maybe you want to target DIYers, Etsy sellers, or novice crafters. While creating your content, keep your ideal audience in mind. What do they want to learn? How would you talk to them if they were standing right before you?

3. Where do they hang out online?

Okay, we know what you’re talking about and whom you’re talking to, but where will you share your expertise? Consider where your ideal audience likely goes digitally for ideas and tips and to engage with like-minded individuals. Sticking with the same example – crafting – you’ll likely want to share your content on sites like Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube. Most importantly, commit to posting consistently to build trust with your audience and drive engagement.

4. What is your unique point of view?

Let’s face it. The internet is full of thought leaders. To stand out in the crowd, focus on including your unique perspective in your posts. Potential followers will be drawn to your individual thoughts, and isn’t that what thought leadership is all about?

Becoming a trusted thought leader will lead to better brand awareness and sales pipeline opportunities. Ready to get learn more? Drop us a line.

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