1 Sep 2015

3 memorable experiential marketing examples

Ideas to reach your audience in unique and memorable ways.


Experiential marketing is a great strategy for reaching your audience in unique and memorable ways. While the term itself can describe a broad range of activities, all are designed to reach beyond verbal and visual messaging to invite interaction by a target audience. An experiential campaign delivers some or all of its impact via a combination of sensory, emotional, tactile, and participatory elements. Consumers who engage with your brand in more direct ways walk away with more personal and lasting impressions. Particularly interesting campaigns can also generate additional buzz through social and conventional media.

The following are some of our favorite experiential marketing campaigns we’ve come across recently:

Heineken — The Bottle With A Mission

Earlier this year, Heineken made a collection of special bottles outfitted with GPS and an accelerometer, and placed them on green pedestals around Amsterdam with the words “Follow Me.” When someone picked the bottle up, it vibrated and then the cap lit up and started to swivel, directing the person to the Heineken Experience brewery. We love the idea of incorporating GPS technology into a low-tech everyday object and using a guided scavenger hunt to direct consumers to a physical location.

Graubunden Tourism — The Great Escape

Graubunden is a region in Switzerland that is home to dramatic Alpine scenery, the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, and evidently, a very clever tourism board. They recently installed an interactive billboard in the Zurich train station that connected passersby to a live feed of a man on a laptop in the mountains in Graubunden. After catching people’s attention, he invites them to come visit him that very afternoon, printing out train tickets for a nearby platform. The billboard continues to broadcast a live feed as the invited guests arrive and sit down for an afternoon meal. Not only does this campaign offer a memorable experience for the people who actually use the free ticket, but it also creates interesting live content for the billboard in the train station later that afternoon, and provides a longer term marketing opportunity through the video created with the footage.

Battersea Dogs & Cats — Looking For You

To promote an animal rescue organization in the UK, shoppers were handed leaflets that contained RFID chips. As the shoppers walked past digital billboards around the mall, a dog named Barley appeared on screen and trotted along with them. Aside from being a favorite campaign of the #DSCdogs, we thought the use of RFID in the paper handout was a clever approach, and that the simplicity of the billboards themselves really added to the impact of the overall campaign.

Have you come across any other great experiential marketing campaigns recently? We’d love to hear about them!

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