30 Nov 2020

2020 DSC holiday gift guide

This year, we're committed to shopping from small and Black-owned businesses as much as possible.


In these uncertain times, I find comfort in sticking to what I enjoy. Gift giving is one of my favorite things to do! Whether it’s the holidays or birthdays, a special occasion or a gift just because, giving is a great way to express your feelings, and it reinforces how much you appreciate the people in your life. Afterall, in 2020, couldn’t we all use a little more appreciation and brightness?

That’s where the 2020 DoubleShot Creative Holiday Gift Guide comes into play. This year, I’m committed to shopping from small and Black-owned businesses as much as possible. Remember, gift-giving isn’t about price, either! In fact, research has actually shown that spending more does not always guarantee a well-received gift. Giving is a fun challenge to be thoughtful about the person you’re shopping for. What are their interests? What do they need right now? Put thought into your present and it’s sure to be a winner.

Let’s find the perfect gift for your loved ones:

For the pet lover

Pet portrait illustration from DrawYourPortrait

DrawYourPortrait’s Etsy shop is filled with fun, creative gift possibilities, and her pet portraits are no exception. You support this small business by gifting a custom pet portrait to the animal lover in your life. All you need to get this hand-illustrated gift is a picture of the pet. Add a frame, a few treats, and you have a doggone good holiday gift.

Other ideas popular with DoubleShot pet owners and pets are:

For the creative

Heart Talk by Cleo Wade on Indie Bound

This beautifully illustrated book from Cleo Wade offers creative inspiration and life lessons through poetry, mantras, and affirmations. An inspiring, accessible, and spiritual book of wisdom for the new generation, it features over one hundred of Cleo’s original poems, mantras, and affirmations.

Consider this book your daily pep talk to keep you feeling empowered and motivated!

Additional ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

For your neighbor

Omi's Fudge
Omi’s Fudge

A holiday season wouldn’t be complete without some sweet treats. This is a great gift to drop at your neighbor’s porch to spread holiday cheer. If you or your neighbor is able to eat just one piece, please let me know because I’ve never been able to.

Other neighborly ideas:

For the jewelry lover

BuKuJewelry Personalized Necklace
Personalized name necklace from BuKu Jewelry

BuKu Jewelry’s personalized jewelry would make a great gift or a new parent, friend, or loved one. With a variety of colors–yellow gold plated, rose gold plated, and silver–you’ll be able to find something to match anyone’s style.

More ideas to bring the bling this holiday:

For the one who wants to support women and minority-owned businesses

Minority-owned and small businesses have been among those hit the hardest by the pandemic. According to a recent study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 41% of small businesses were forced to temporarily close due to Covid-19, and a small portion of those businesses have since closed their doors permanently.

Black-owned businesses have been pushed to the forefront as well since consumers are in search of ways to amplify their support for people of color. The 15 Percent Pledge Black calls on major retailers to commit a minimum of 15% of their shelf to Black-owned businesses since Black people in the U.S. make up nearly 15% of the population.

Here are a few ways you can support women and minority-owned businesses this year:

  • Shop Black: Their goal is to build an economic framework and community. The organization created a black-owned business directory to empower shoppers to join their movement and #ShopBlack. Visit their site, enter your zip code or your gift recipient’s zip code, and you’ll be presented with local, Black-owned stores you can support this holiday season.
  • Shop Women-Owned: One of our favorite networking sites, GirlBoss, rounded up 17 women-owned businesses we can all support this year. From custom cards to cozy blankets, there’s something for everyone on your list.
  • Shop Minority-Owned: In addition to supporting minority-owned businesses with your wallet, there are plenty of ways to make sure your favorite businesses survive the effects of Covid-19. Check out this article from Entrepreneur that provides tips on how you can get involved and support minority-owned businesses.

41% of small businesses were forced to temporarily close due to Covid-19, and a small portion of those businesses have since closed their doors permanently.

For the person who wants to give back

CharityChoice allows you to give a gift card to anyone, which empowers them to “spend” on the charity of their choice. With over 1000 charities to choose from­–including ASPCA, RedCross, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and more­–everyone can find a worthwhile cause close to their heart.

What are your favorite small or minority-owned businesses? Drop them in the comments so we can all support them this holiday season!

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