chief morale officer

Kenzie, a.k.a. ‘Wonder Wiggle Butt’, is always on the move, greeting co-workers, checking for Finn’s left behind treats, and making sure everyone knows she’s there to help if they need her (or even if they don’t she’s still there). Spunky, smiley, and always up for a cuddle, Kenzie loves hanging with the DSC team. When not at the office Kenzie likes to swim (she’s working on her dog paddle style), run around with any of her dozens of toys, and watch Netflix shows on her Mom’s lap.

favorite dsc office snack:

Noella's carrots

most used slackmoji:

favorite way to decompress on weekends:

Lots of walks, belly rubs, and playing fetch

top bucket list travel destination:

A sheep ranch...I am an Australian Shepherd and need to get my herding on

one item that's always in the fridge:

Yogurt to go on my dry dog food...keeps my coat shiny