creative catnip director

Iggy is a highly ambitious cat, aiming to climb and jump to every semi-flat surface that he can find. He uses his boundless energy to perfect his zoomies at all hours of the day and night, and refuses to set any limits on what he can achieve. His favorite activity is napping on his mom’s lap as she works, as that is the only time he ever sleeps. When he’s not napping or zooming around, you can find Iggy playing with and/or harassing his older brother, Kingsley.

favorite way to decompress on weekends:

I don’t decompress. I only have one mode, and it’s ON.

if I were a superhero my power would be:

The midnight zoomies

top bucket list travel destination:

The top of my mom's 10 foot cabinet

one item always in the fridge:

Greenies dental treats

Song that gets you in the work zone:

"Run" by Tiggs Da Author