Allison Gette

digital marketing specialist

Blending blogging and social media, Allison’s main goal is to help clients find their voices and build their brand. Outside of work, you can spot Allison (or Allee, as she prefers) running to acting class, singing everything but country, drinking wine with friends, hosting game nights, or cuddling with her cats, Kingsley and Iggy.

work from home must-have:

A good speaker for music and a warm blanket (my apartment gets very cold!)


40% Intellectual, 40% Performer, 20% Creative

most used slackmoji:

one item that's always in the fridge:

Classic sour pickles

song that gets me in the work zone:

"Runaway" by Ramin Djawadi (originally by Kanye West, but covered for Westworld)