chief treat officer

Finn is our resident treat aficionado, with a discerning palate for long-lasting bones and savory biscuits to get him and his fellow canines through the work day.  When not assessing the treat supply in the office cabinet, Finn can be found keeping his co-workers laps warm and the DoubleShot offices safe from the mysterious people who deliver big bottles of water and put envelopes through the scary mail slot.  An avid hiker and ball catcher, Finn likes to spend time outside, with his family, or on the DSC bean bag chairs.

favorite dsc office snack:

Yak cheese Himalayan dog chews

most used slackmoji:


35% Rebel, 35% Athlete, 30% Tastemaker

if I were a superhero my power would be:

Invisible so I can sneak and get treats anytime I want

song that gets me in the work zone:

"Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Men