Holiday Giveaway Day 5: Tips to Rock Your Next Event

Holiday Giveaway Day 5: Tips to Rock Your Next Event

It’s day five of our Holiday Giveaway! In case you missed it, for the next month we’re giving away a collection of specially curated templates, images, music playlists and more to help you rock your marketing efforts in 2017.

Today we are looking at how you can use music to turn up the energy and engagement at your next event.

Having the perfect jam for your events—conference, awards dinner, receptions, product launches etc.—can help set tone, mood and kick things off on the right note.

Want to get the audience excited and engaged?  Then go for a high-energy mix that will wake folks up for those 8 am session starts, or revitalize them after lunch, and afternoon breaks.

Planning a reception, business mixer or evening gala? Then think ambient.  The music should add to the vibe you are trying to set but not be loud or lyrical, so as not to take away from the primary goal of encouraging conversation.

Speaker, award recipient or guest presenter play on music is a great time to reinforce your event theme through your music choices.


Tips for building the killer playlist:

1. Blend the familiar with the unfamiliar

Think about who is in your audience—age, geographic region etc.—start to imagine what type of music they might listen to in the car, working out, getting pumped up for a big meeting etc.  Start jotting song names and artists down.

Now start to pepper in some songs that might be similar in style and tone, but may be lesser known. By blending in some musical surprises, you have a chance to grab your audience’s attention. Who knows you might end up introducing someone to their new favorite song that when it plays will remind them of your event.

2. Mix it up

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Don’t put all the current hits, most recognizable songs up front, weave them throughout.  Also, mix up tempo.  Even if you are going for a high-energy walk in playlist make sure to give folks a breather every 4 or 5 songs with something a little downtempo.

Don’t be cliché.  Even if you are going for a motivational style playlist doesn’t mean you should load it with the usual suspects.  Yes, I’m talking to you “Gonna Fly Now” and “The Climb”.   Try and use less obvious, more current songs that still tell an inspirational or motivational story like “Up&Up” from Coldplay or a more upbeat song like “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons.

3. Pick your impact songs

Look over your song list and think about the tone you want to set to open and close your event.  Pick impact songs that will nail that tone.  If you want to pepper in songs that relate to your event theme the first and last song on your playlist are great places to do that.

4. Fine-tune

Once you have our playlist organized ‘proof listen’ to it by listening to the transitions between songs.  Just listen to the end and beginning of songs and make sure the transition is smooth and makes sense.

Also, make sure you aren’t over loading with songs from one band.  You want to make sure to offer up some variety for your audience with likely diverse tastes.


Where to get inspired:

  • Mix playlists on your favorite music service of choice. Browse playlists for top hits, summer, dance parties, upbeat mood, workout, trending etc. to get ideas and find new music.
  • Music Festival sets and playlists. Check out who played Coachella, SXSW, SummerFest, Electric Daisy Carnival and look at their set lists for inspiration.
  • Music blogs and websites. There’s tons of blogs and websites to discover new music such as Daytrotter, NPR’s All Songs Considered Tiny DeskPitchfork, Musicroamer and Bandcamp.  Spend time on a regular basis browsing their articles and collections.
  • TV shows and movies. TV shows and movies spend copious hours curating the perfect tracks for any mood or situation. Tunefind is a great resource to find the latest music making its way on to both the silver screen and small screen.
  • Hotel, restaurants bars and lounge playlists. Most restaurants and bars would be happy to fill you in on what they are playing.  A number of high-end hotels have even gone as far as publishing their sought-after playlists like W Hotels, The Standard Hotels, Hilton, and HardRock Hotels.

Our giveaway has now ended! To get more information, including more about the perfect playlist for your next event, contact us here.

What songs make up your perfect event playlist?  Please share them in the comments section below.  And don’t forget to check back on Thursday for our next giveaway.

Until then, cast your vote and be part of selecting which charity we give back to this holiday season.

**Note: This is not a sponsored post. These are our honest opinions about the best tools and tips for building a perfect playlist for your next event.

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