Holiday Giveaway Day 4: Creating Images That Speak for Themselves

Holiday Giveaway Day 4: Creating Images That Speak for Themselves

Last week we touched on the benefits of sharing images on your social networks, complete with a free downloadable cheat sheet showing image sizes for different social channels. Today, we’re going to show you some simple ways you can add text and motion to take the photos you share on social media to the next level. At DoubleShot Creative, we use these types of images to tell our clients’ stories in a new format and make them stand out in a sea of content. Keep reading for tips and tools to create your own images and GIFs, improving the impact of your social media images.

First, let’s look at some simple tools for adding text to your images.

canvaCanva is a free web-based graphic design tool that requires no design experience to create compelling visuals for social media. It makes it easy to add text and graphics to your images. Start with one of their predesigned layouts, or go it alone and add text, icons, charts and illustrations on top of the images you upload. You can also go for a new look by using an image from their vast stock photo library. Whether you’re looking to create a social media post or a blog graphic, you’ll find no shortage of options or inspiration with the Canva tool.

overOver is a free mobile app you can use on your Android and iOS devices to customize your images on the go. The app comes with free fonts and artwork for you to get started with, or you have the option to purchase additional fonts and graphics through their in-app store. If you are looking for more photo options, they have free stock images from Unsplash you can use as a starting point. You can also browse through premade projects for inspiration, or sign up for their Pro account to get access to templates. And when you’re done editing your image, it can be sent directly to the social media app of your choosing, or saved to your phone.

Now that you know how to add text to your images, how about bringing them to life with some movement? Animated GIFs pop up everywhere on social media. They are a great way to share your message in a more visual way, or show off multiple images in a single post. And the best part is, they are easier to make than you might think.

picgifPicGIF Lite is a free application for your Mac that converts photos and videos into animated GIFs. Here are 3 easy steps to turn a set of photos into an animated GIF:
1. Choose “Add Photo” and select the photos you want to turn into a GIF
2. Arrange the order of the photos, then enter a Frame Delay in the right panel (we recommend 500 ms)
3. Click “Create GIF” in the upper right corner to see a preview and save your file!

Pro Tip: If you are a whiz with Photoshop, check out this Adobe tutorial on how to make GIFs

If you are on a PC or don’t want to download an application on your computer, there are numerous sites online including GIPHY and Make A Gif where you can convert your photos and videos into GIFs, or browse existing GIFs.


Our giveaway has now ended! To get more information, including more tips about gifs, contact us here

That’s all for today. Check back on Tuesday for our next holiday giveaway. Until then, cast your vote and be part of selecting which charity we give back to this holiday season.

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**Note: This is not a sponsored post. These are our honest opinions about the best tools to add some flair to your photographs.

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