Holiday Giveaway Day 2: A Complete Guide to Social Media Images

Holiday Giveaway Day 2: A Complete Guide to Social Media Images


It’s day 2 of our Holiday Giveaway! In case you missed it, for the entire month of December we’re giving away a collection of specially curated templates, images, music playlists and more to help you rock your marketing efforts in 2017.

What’s today’s super awesome giveaway from DoubleShot Creative?

As the adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to social media, the right image can speak volumes without saying anything at all. A single image can grab your audience’s attention, increasing likes, clicks, and shares.

Today, we’re giving away a cheat sheet with the optimal image sizes for each of your social media networks. We’re also sharing tips for choosing the best images to represent your company online. From Twitter to Google+, and everything in between, this useful guide will help you select the perfect profile, cover, and posting images to help you become a social media rockstar.

Selecting the perfect profile picture: The picture you choose for your social media profile is critical to your online marketing success. Your profile picture is the first impression you make to online audiences, and it can often be a deciding factor in whether a user chooses click follow or like. It’s important to choose a memorable image that reflects your brand, keeping in mind that this will often be what users remember most about your page. If you are a brand or business, it is best to choose your company’s logo for your profile picture, as it is most recognizable to consumers. If you are a public figure or building a personal brand, we recommend using a headshot rather than a brand logo, as users will be more likely to engage with an actual person.

Remember that no two social networks are the same; so, once you’ve selected the perfect image for your profile picture, refer to our sizing cheat sheet below to ensure your image is optimized for each of your social channels.

*Pro Tip: Before uploading your profile picture, select a name that will have the highest SEO value. It’s best to name your image ‘yourname.jpg’ or ‘yourbusiness.jpg’ to ensure that your image tops the results list when someone searches you by name.

Choosing a cover photo that expresses your brand: More and more social networks have followed in Facebook’s footsteps by adding banner-sized cover photos to the top of social media pages. When it comes to cover photos, sizing and customization are especially important, since words and photo elements can be blocked by profile pictures and headers or cut off if they stretch beyond the image boundaries. For this reason, avoid using repurposed art that hasn’t been customized to fit the cover photo specs of your social media network.

Your cover photo should reflect your brand’s style and message and should blend cohesively or complement your profile picture. Use this as an opportunity to add further personality to your page or to highlight a current event, campaign, promotion or season.

Canva is one of our favorite tools for creating custom cover photos and images. The tool allows users to easily add text and overlays to personalize and edit images. Business plans start at $12.95/month and there is also a free option.

*Pro Tip: Adobe has a great Photoshop tutorial and template for creating custom Facebook profile and cover photos that work well together. Plans start at $29.99/ month.

Tips for adding graphics to your social media posts: Sharing images in your social media posts is the best way to help your posts stand out in a sea of text. High quality, visually-stimulating images appeal to audiences and often help users remember and engage with your posts.

In order to add some visual appeal when sharing an article on social media, find a high quality image on sites such as Unsplash, Pexels, or taking your own high quality photo, then using Canva to customize and add informative text to the image. This is a great way to boost engagement across social media channels, as infographics are shared and liked 3x more than any other visual materials.

And now what you’ve been waiting for … today’s giveaway! Our gift to you is a social media image sizing cheat sheet.

Our giveaway has now ended! To get more information, including more tips about social media images, contact us here.

In case you missed our first giveaway, click here to learn how to create a stellar social media schedule and download templates to get you started.

That’s all for today. Check back on Tuesday for our next holiday giveaway.

Until then, cast your vote and be part of selecting which charity we give back to this holiday season.

**Note: This is not a sponsored post. These are our honest opinions about the best tools and tips for social media

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